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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Special Promotion - Free Bracelet

  • Vanessa J Harris
  • Oct, 05 , 16

October has always been the month that we honor our loved ones who suffered from breast cancer. Some of them might be the lucky ones who survived this terrible disease while others just didn't make it. For people who are not aware, National Breast Cancer Awareness month is an annual health campaign organized by breast cancer charities, victims or their families to promote awareness and to raise funds for the research of its cause and prevention. This is an annual campaign recognized globally but mostly in the United States.

Therefore, in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are giving away this Fashion Multilayer Charm Braided Bracelet for FREE! This item is valued at $10 but you can have it for free, just pay for the Shipping/Handling which is $3.99. A small cost to show your support for this great cause. This bracelet comes with 20 different styles to choose from.

As much as we wanted to give everyone this item for free, we are limited in stock. So please limit 1 item per customer while supplies last.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now and show your support!

Free Bracelet - Breast Awareness Month


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